Communication aid attributes

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Communication aid attributes

Communication aid attributes describe hardware and software components of AAC systems that the team needs to consider. The I-ASC findings are more focused on high tech communication aids however many of implications are relevant to many different types of AAC systems e.g. non-electronic AAC systems.

Hardware aesthetics

This refers to perceptions of visual appearance and voice qualities of the communication aid. Findings suggest that aesthetics impacted on decisions.

Hardware reliability

In essence, this means how frequently or readily the aided AAC system stops working. Prior to any recommendation, findings indicate it is important to understand the reliability of the potential communication aid(s).

Hardware data storage and processing

This is the ability of the communication aid to manage data and data processing.

Software consistency and intuitiveness of design

This refers to the consistency of page layouts, including the navigational functions to select a desired output. Findings suggest that systems vary in how their design supports users moving through the vocabulary organisation and the user intuitively navigating the system.

Software ease of editing

This references how intuitive and easy is it to add, and change vocabulary and customise other features such as changing the volume, editing symbols, adding pages, etc. Findings suggest that it is important to consider the amount of editing that each child may need. For example, will they need a lot of personalised vocabulary or a customised layout?

Software graphic representation

This refers to the type of graphic symbol used. Findings suggest that consideration should be given to the type of graphic representations, but there were mixed views on the relative importance of the type of symbols chosen. 

Software vocabulary

This refers to the size and organisation of vocabulary available on the communication aid.

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